Hey there!

My name is Karin Gambaracci. I was raised in Italy by a strong mum who taught me to be fierce and independent in every situation. It worked perfectly for my career and not so good for love.

I didn’t know that I was approaching relationships with masculine energy, and I ended up always attracting weak and passive guys who were dependent on my financial and emotional support.

It took me years of deep mindset work and 50 dates to embrace my feminine energy in dating and finally meet HIM. The strongest, most loving and caring man I could ever dream of. My husband, my lover, my best friend.

His never-ending love has changed me profoundly. I realized how the love of the right man gives us wings to fly even higher and light to shine even brighter.

I believe that a strong AND happy woman is unstoppable and will make a huge difference in making this world a better place. 

The world needs us women more than ever. But it’s only from a place of love and happiness that we’ve got enough drive and energy to make a real difference.

That’s why I love helping strong women to find the love of their life! 

Is this you?

  • You've got the feeling that you're too strong, too intelligent, too successful, in two words "too much" for the men you're meeting
  • You're tired of dating because men seem only to want to have sex with you
  • You're attracting men who criticize and hurt you

Don’t give up on love, sister! I’ve been there and I can help you to develop your feminine energy and attract the strong, loving and caring man you’re dreaming of