what if you could find a man who makes you blissfully happy...

and finally experience love, intimacy and true connection

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel “too much” - too strong, too intelligent, too beautiful for the men you’re meeting
  • You have the feeling that you have to hide your talents or your job description to not scare men off
  • You’re tired of dating, because men only want to sleep with you and disappear after a few weeks or months
  • You have the feeling that there are no good men around
  • You're afraid that you might have to drastically lower your standards or stay single forever

i know exactly how you feel

I never understood why, but I always struggled with men. Most would think I am pretty, but I always managed to scare them off with my strong, proactive and independent character.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

It took me years to understand what I was doing wrong. Once I got it and changed the way I approached men (or better... the way I let men approach ME) everything changed. It became EASY. It became ENJOYABLE. It became FUN!

Today, I am married to the most amazing, masculine, protective and caring man I could ever dream of, and we had a beautiful baby girl in December 2018.

What if you could...

  • keep highest standards for choosing your husband, and meet someone who exceeds them so much you could cry for joy?
  • feel seen, valued, loved and supported by him like you never had before - and you never could dream of?
  • have a man who can’t wait to become a father and who’ll hug you with tears in his eyes when you show him two lines in your pregnancy test?
  • be so blissfully happy that you shine brighter than you have ever before and have the energy and drive to fulfill that old dream of yours to make a difference in the world?



Your "magic wand" to step into your magnetic, feminine self. 

1:1 coaching, accountability and support until the man of your dreams gets down on one knee!

Here's what you'll get

  • Coaching through Whatsapp voice messages, which means: no waiting for a coaching call, you can ask me anything anytime and I’ll always get back to you within 24 hours (although I’m usually much faster!)
  • All good projects start with a strong foundation. We start with your beliefs about yourself, men and love and see what has been holding you back from attracting a man who makes you blissfully happy.
  • We'll identify your core needs in a relationship and make sure you won't settle for any man who doesn't fully meet them.
  • We’ll define your dating standards - and set the bar HIGH. You are not going to settle on my watch.
  • I'll support you through all the ups and downs, 'cause... dating can be hard sometimes. I won't let you give up on your dreams and there is absolutely no way I will let you settle for anyone less than spectacular.

“Karin was really amazing, helping me gain so much clarity on why I had been scaring men off. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong and she really opened my eyes. She helped me shift and relax and within a few weeks of starting to work with her, I met the love of my life! Today I feel like the happiest woman on earth!”  

Marie, 35 years


This is probably the most affordable 1:1 coaching offer that you will evvvvver find!

You pay only 39 USD for each time that you need my support!

We will work together over Whatsapp. After you submit payment, you’ll get my Whatsapp number so that you can send me a text or voice message of max. 10 minutes describing your situation and your questions.

I’ll reply within 24 hours with a long, detailed and loving voice message full of motivation, advice and practical tips to help you handle your current situation like the amazing, feminine woman that you are. If you have a clarifying question, you can feel free to follow up with that, too. 

“Working with Karin is wonderful. She knows exactly what she’s talking about, passes on her very own experience and affectionately leads me to what she has already achieved. She’s super reliable and understanding. She gives me so much support and confidence that I feel completely secure and carried. A friend of mine now also works with her and I see there how individual the process that Karin goes through with everyone is. It’s absolutely recommendable and also great to integrate with everyday life through uncomplicated voice messages.”

Anja, 34 years


This is for you if...

  • you feel that you are "too much" for a man and tend to hide your strength and job description on a date
  • you are tired of dating, because men apparently only want to sleep with you and disappear after a few weeks or months
  • you didn't give up on your teenage dream to make a difference in the world and hope to find a man who'll support you to go for it

This is not for you if...

  • you aren't willing to put in a little work to make your dreams a reality. My strategies don't work unless you do
  • you aren't open to working on your mindset and your beliefs, i.e., you are convinced that there are no good men around and won't accept any other truth
  • you aren't open to embrace a different way of dating where you relax and let the men pursue you

“You know when someone says the right words to you at the right time and those words can have healing powers? That’s kind of how I felt when I met Karin.”

Eva, 31 years

i'M going to raise my prices soon...

But if you start working with me now, you’ll be able to get my support whenever you need it for only 29 eur / 32 usd until you find the love of your life. I’ll be really like your lil secret magic wand…