Dating is a transformational journey. 

It’s not just about finding somebody else. When you start consciously dating to find the love of your life, you will not only find a partner, but also a newer, wiser and happier version of yourself. 

As a coach, my passion is to help strong women uncover their soft, feminine selves while dating. A huge part of my work is to guide my clients to reconnect with a part of themselves which has long been suppressed. I help them to embrace a joyful, life-changing energy that they have previously been made to feel ashamed of. 

You see, strong women often become alienated from their feminine wants and desires. They begin to feel as though the feminine parts of themselves should not exist. They’re told not only that they can do everything themselves, but that they should. 

I have met and worked with so many capable, intelligent, successful women who are made to feel ashamed of wanting a supportive, masculine partner at their side. They want a man who they can relax and be themselves around, who will support and uplift them. They crave admiration and adoration from a strong, giving man… but they feel embarrassed and guilty about it. 

There is absolutely no reason why a strong woman should be ashamed of wanting a masculine man in her life and yet… she is often led to believe that it’s a sign of weakness and this, in turn, makes dating very difficult. 

So let’s take a step back, and think about how masculinity and femininity are valued by society. 

Now is the best time in history to be a woman. We know that we deserve equal opportunities and equal rights. Even if the system isn’t perfect yet, it gets a little better every day. Women are more empowered than ever. Women are CEOs, rocket scientists, and world leaders – and that is amazing. 

The problem is that feminine traits are still not valued by society. In fact, sometimes they’re even seen as detrimental to the equality we have worked so hard to achieve. Traditional femininity is seen as weak and outdated. Women are only respected as equals when they are in an active, masculine mode. They are celebrated when they are pursuing their career goals or working on projects. They are told that that is how they must earn the respect and admiration of others. Somehow, we’ve come to believe that being equal to men means being the same as men – but I disagree. 

Women are very capable of embodying that strong, active masculine energy in the workplace. They can chase their goals and build glittering careers, just as men can. However, at home and in their private life, women have a real need to relax and just be. Women are sensual and have a huge capacity to appreciate nature and beauty. They are in touch with their emotions and care deeply about their personal relationships. They have a wonderful set of feminine traits and abilities, yet they often feel forced to shun this side of themselves and constantly stay in a masculine mode.

What people don’t realize is that feminine energy has nothing to do with weakness, or laziness, or the desire to be a 1950s housewife! 

It’s about being sensual and deeply connected to nature. It’s about being soft, receptive and accepting. It’s about knowing and trusting your innate strength enough that you don’t have to constantly compete with others to prove it. It’s about being able to just be. 

Don’t get me wrong: harnessing masculine energy is amazing when it comes to your career and work life. But in your personal life, it’s okay to be soft and feminine. In fact, it will help you recharge your batteries and approach your career goals with a renewed vigor. 

My mission is to give women permission to be feminine. I teach women to enjoy life, to let go and to be still. I teach them to be open and receptive to all the wonderful romantic possibilities out there, and to allow men to pursue them. I help women realize that welcoming a strong, giving partner into their life doesn’t make them weak. I show them that they don’t have to apologize for what their heart really wants. Best of all: I show them that none of this involves giving up their career or an ounce of their success. 

Learning to step into your feminine nature will transform your life. It’s the first step to building a deep and long-lasting attraction with a strong, giving man. Being your true, authentic self is what will lead you towards the life you have always wanted. Simply following what society says is best is not what is going to make your heart happy. You must listen to your soul and let the voice of your intuition lead you. 

My work is to help you discover what it means to be a feminine woman and rediscover this beautiful part of yourself. This is the key to a deep and long-lasting attraction with the amazing, strong man that you have been looking for. 

Why does it work?

The law of polarity. 

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