The law of polarity is one of the basic laws of nature – and the basis for a strong and long-lasting attraction. 

Put simply, the more feminine you are, the more masculine the man you will attract. If you yearn for a masculine, strong and giving man then it’s vital that you step into your feminine energy. 

Being feminine on the outside isn’t enough. It’s true that looking beautiful will pique a man’s interest but if you are not in your open, accepting, feminine spirit, then this will not lead to a lasting relationship. 

If you are not truly in your feminine energy, a masculine man will not be able to be his best, strong, giving self with you. He cannot be the supportive partner he wants to be unless you accept him that way. If you do not truly embrace your femininity, the male interest you receive will be in the form of flings, one-night stands, and short-term relationships. 

To find the caring, masculine partner you truly crave, you have to truly embrace your feminine from within. 

Let’s look at some of the key differences between masculine and feminine energy: 

Doing Being
Giving Accepting
Goal-oriented Relationship-oriented
Pursuing Allowing
Structured Emotional
Strong Soft

These energies are polar opposites. They work together and complement each other to create a balance. If you want a strong, masculine man at your side who is supportive, giving and protective, then you must be ready to receive him. A man cannot give to a woman who is not accepting. He cannot pursue a woman who will not let him. He cannot support a woman who is not receptive.

Just as opposite energies attract, the same energies repel. By constantly being in a masculine mode, you drive masculine men away. They want to provide for you and uplift you. If you constantly rebuff their efforts, they will become convinced that they cannot make you happy. If you try to compete with them, they will not see you as a romantic partner they can build a future with. The attraction will dwindle and fade very quickly. 

If you truly want to attract a strong and masculine partner, you must connect to your feminine side and allow yourself to be accepting, emotional and sensual. You must learn to relax and just be. You must lean into your feminine energy and realize that it’s okay to allow a man to help you. You have to trust your innate strength instead of constantly fighting to prove yourself. 

As women, we have both masculine and feminine energy within us, and this is truly amazing. Tapping into our masculine energy can be very beneficial when it comes to our work, but we should also feel comfortable stepping into our relaxed, feminine energy when we are with our partner. That way, we can recharge our batteries and save our masculine drive for the workplace. 

Giving yourself permission to really be in your feminine energy will change your life. It’s so beautiful to be in this soft, receiving, allowing, emotional mode, and it will lead you towards the caring, masculine partner you’ve always dreamed of.